Getting DNN Blog 6.4 to work on DNN 8

By Trevor Forrester on 11/28/2016

I have just gone through an exasperating couple of days with this website upon setting up DNN 8.3 with the updated DNN blog module 6.4.

Having watched and learnt how to use the new DNN blog version 6 module from a series of videos posted through DNN Creative Magazine I was somewhat struck with all sorts of problems in getting it to work properly.

It would appear from my efforts so far that the easiest way to use the new version of the blog module on DNN 8 is to take a slightly different path in getting it to work properly than was taught in the original instructional videos.

I did try using the [Classic Blog] but it proved to be quite a pain because I was getting 404 errors when I tried to click on the Windows Live Writer URL. To use Windows Live Writer you need to first select [Admin] where there is a heap of other settings to customise the blog including a setting to turn on Windows Live Writer. (Also when I tried to use the old [Copy Module] technique I learned from DNN Creative I always got 404 errors message that I didn't have permission to access \DesktopModules\Blog\Controls.

I found the easiest way to get it working properly was to add the blog module to a new page. Once this is accomplished you simply click on the settings for the module in question and then select blog settings. There I chose to go with the ]Default System] template.

From there you can go through the process of clicking [Manage] which will take you to a screen where you can actually add a blog [Add Blog]. Next go through the usual process of giving the blog a title and description then setting it up the way that you would like it. This includes setting permissions, copyright, syndication, whether or not to make the blog public, TrackBack's and PingBacks and any other settings you might like to customise.
After making all your choices you can select the [Update] which will take you back to the add blog screen. All you need to do then is to click [Return] which will take you back to the main blog screen where you will be presented with a [New Posts Button].

From there you can create a new post or several new posts and your blog will be populated.

From here this is where I noticed a large difference between version 6.2 and version 6.4. With version 6.2 you could simply select copy module and start adding the different components of the blog, such as: 1. A Calendar, 2. A Tag Cloud and what ever other parts of the blog you wish to use.

What I needed to do differently at this point was to add the blog module from the add module section of the control bar to the position that I preferred. In my case I added a calendar for a list of posts made over time and then a tag cloud. This I had to do in two separate actions. Firstly, I added the calendar then I went to the module settings for that module and selected the [Blog Settings] tab.

There I chose the [Parent Blog] setting and selected the name of the blog that I had just created. From there I left [Blog Is to Show] and [Authors to Show] at their default settings of [All]. Finally, I went on to select the template that I wished to apply for that particular module. In the case of the module I added for a calendar I chose [Blogcalendar System]. With this each of the modules that I had added became dedicated to either a calendar or a tag cloud.


I hope this helps those who are struggling with the changes to the latest iteration of the DNN blog and when I get a chance I may create a video of the process.

Getting DNN Blog 6.4 to work on DNN 8
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